Access Audits


A Disability Access Audit is the easiest and most comprehensive way of making sure you meet the needs of your disabled clients, customers and employees.

What is a Disability Access Audit? – An Access Audit maps a journey through your business, as taken by a disabled person, meaning that you are aware of all your responsibilities under the DDA and the most cost effective ways of meeting them. Through the audit we will examine the accessibility of your service, identify barriers and measure usability.


Heritage Statements, Impacts Assessments & CMPs


A Heritage Statement is now required for all listed Building applications under PPS 5. Heritage Statements and Conservation Management Plans (CMP) are simply documents which explain why a place is significant and how that significance will be sustained in any new use, alteration, or repair and what impact any proposals have on the asset.

Conservation Management Plans are a more developed version and are required for all Heritage Lottery applications.

We can provide these written documents for trusts and to accompany applications, and we also write Statements of Significance for Church applications.

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