The Construction (Design and management) regulations 2015


CDM aims to improve health and safety in the construction industry through management, design and site safety.


The regulations put legal responsibilities on Owners, Designers and Contractors to ensure the risks are managed and reduced from the very beginning of a project.

Owners are required to employed a competent “Principal Designer” to undertake all the co-ordination and CDM duties as described in the regulations.

Kay Pilsbury Thomas Architects can provide these “Principal Designer” services, which include:


1) Make the client aware of their CDM Duties


2) Assemble the Pre-construction Information.

This can include arranging for asbestos and services surveys etc to establish any potential issues and provide knowledge of the building and site for the team.


3) During design: Try and design out hazards and then produce a table of any remaining hazards and risks.


4) Ensure any other designers also do the same as above


5) Identify and ensure the notification of projects to the HSE if applicable


6) Review the contractors bespoke Construction phase Plan


7) At practical completion ensure the client is given the Health & Safety File

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