Work Stage 1 - Drawn Survey



The survey drawings are 2D line drawings at 1:100 scale, showing the plan layout and 2D elevation views of the four main facades which will be used for the basis of the planning drawings.


The survey does not include any measurements or drawings of the grounds or garden. If works take place within the curtilage that require this, then a separate topographical survey will be undertaken.


This is an important stage, as it allows us to gain a knowledge of the building, its construction and historic phasing. It can reveal previously blocked openings, and can identify more modern additions which it may be possible to remove.This knowledge will in uence the concept design.


Two surveyors will visit your building to conduct a full measured survey of the footprint, elevations and internal rooms as required.


We shall produce survey plans and elevations of the existing building(s), and a site location plan.

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