Kay Pilsbury Thomas Interior Design

Interior Design Visit


We will pop over to your house, free of charge, and chat through your ideas and what you’d like done.

We love finding out what styles you like be it traditional, contemporary, retro or an eclectic mix of them all!

We also have detailed knowledge about historic interiors and can help recreating some of those features if you’d like, and use the correct materials for the old fabric.


Interior advice


You might like to change just a few items. In which case we’ll chat these through and share your ideas with ours.

We will then write to you with a capped quotation.

Working with you, we’d then prepare a schedule of interior items. You can then purchase these directly or we can arrange delivery/purchase if required


Room Concepts


You may like to work closely with us on coming up with an interior design for your room.

If you’d like this, we would visit, which is free of charge, and chat through images you’ve collected and your thoughts on how you’d use the space.

A Concept Design Sheet is the initial concept for the room.  It establishes the general layout of furniture, fittings and the style of the room, and includes a hand-drawn sketch plan of the space, and magazine/brochure images of the feel and styles of the features in the rooms.

We will then design the room onto a concept design sheet and meet up to discuss these with you.


Specification and Interior detailed drawings


We can create specifications of materials/furniture/curtains/flooring/paints and detailed design drawings to make joinery.

These are tailored to each job and what you’d like drawn and specified.

We prepare furniture and fittings schedules for the client to buy direct from the supplier, and detailed drawings of joinery such as bathrooms, Kitchens, Boot Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Utilities, Cupboards; and specifications for floor finishes, light fittings, curtains, paint colour schedules etc.


We can then co-ordinate and over-see/administrate on-site, the production of any joinery and internal building works, with a building contract if applicable.

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