We work with existing important historic listed school buildings which require renovating or improving, and also schools located in Conservation Areas that need brand new buildings, facilities and extensions.

For all our school projects Kay Pilsbury Thomas, who focus on historic environments, team up as Advisors to SCABAL (S Cullinan & Buck) who specialise in School Design to provide the best of both worlds. The Directors, Sibyl of KPT and Jonathan of SCABAL, are husband and wife!

SCABAL have been specialists in new build/renovation school design for more than 15 years. They have also written/lectured extensively on the principles of good school design. The New Nursery building and extension at Christ Church School, Spitalfields adjacent to Hawksmoor’s famous Grade I listed Church, is a great example of this collaboration.

If you have a historic school building that needs new facilities, please contact us and we shall arrange a visit with Dominic Cullinan and Jonathan Buck from SCABAL and Sibyl from KPT to discuss what you would like to do.

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