Kay Pilsbury Thomas Interior Design:


Maybe you would like an old sofa re-upholstered?

Maybe just some curtain suggestions?

Maybe you’d like some sketch ideas for your Drawing Room?

Maybe your bathrooms need a revamp and you need someone to oversee the full works?


We welcome any interior questions: BIG or small.


If you’d like to explore some interior designs and ideas, we do an initial visit/chat, which is free of charge, and go through what you’d like and share any images you’ve saved via Pinterest etc.


We love finding out what your style is: be it traditional, contemporary, retro, industrial or an eclectic mix of them all!


We don’t like imposing styles on our clients, but we like reflecting you and your house.


We have the advantage of having been trained in historic Interiors, which means we know exactly how your house would have looked over the centuries, should you wish to re-introduce a few of these details.


We also know the correct materials and paints to use, to conserve the historic fabric.


We enjoy designing bespoke items for you, and work closely with skilled local craftsmen, interior suppliers and builders.

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