Work Stage 4 - Construction Drawings and Detailed Design

Having established the elements of work you wish to undertake, and the likely
cost, we provide you with:-

• 1. Floor, wall and roof construction sections, basic plumbing/electrical
• 2. Additional detailed drawings requested by the Local Authority
for Discharge of Conditions on the Planning/Listed Building
Consent applications.
• 3. Interior detailed design and schedules desired, such as:-
Light fittings, carpets, curtains, paint schedules, furniture/soft furnishing
schedules, Kitchen, bathroom design and joinery details (cupboards etc.).
If you choose to negotiate, often this list can be reduced, as the Contractor may
only need designs for those elements he is unsure of, or which Building Control
have requested.

If you choose to go out to competitive tender, then a full package will be required.
Given the amount of bespoke design required at this stage, it will take 3 to 6 months
to complete this work stage, although, if you negotiate, this may be reduced.
On grant-aided work, and very large projects, we sometimes additionally produce
a schedule of works for the Contractor to price against. On most domestic
projects this is not necessary.

We send the detailed design for sign-off, so it is important that Owners are happy
with all the items and finishes specified, as it is often too late, once items have
been ordered, to send them back. We can order samples and it is well worth
visiting showrooms to see and try fittings.



Structural Engineer

A Structural Engineer will be needed to produce the calculations and structural
design for new roofs, footings and frame repairs. They are employed directly by the
Owner, but the Architect will co-ordinate with them.

Full Plans Building Regulations Submission

The Building Regulations require building projects in England and Wales to comply
with set standards for design and construction. This is to ensure the health and
safety of people who live and work in and around them, whilst ensuring energy
conservation and accessibility within buildings. Having produced a package, we
then send it to Building Control for Full Plans Building Regulations Approval. There
is a fee to the Building Control for this service. This usually will involve quite a few
amendments to the drawings, and, once completed, you will be provided with the
Plans Approval.

Discharge of Planning Conditions

Nearly all Planning Permissions and Listed Building Consents are now given on
conditional approval. These conditions are listed on the bottom of your consent
form, and usually ask for samples of bricks/tiles and detailed drawings of windows,
doors and roof details. We fill out an application form to discharge these
conditions, and submit it to the Council along with the necessary drawings, so that
you have full approval to commence.

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