Work Stage 6 - Rectifications and Congratulations

Rectifications are building works which the Contractor has completed, but which
are faulty, or where small things have been forgotten, i.e. loose screws, a bare
skirting, a missing knob, dripping tap etc. The works then need to be finished off by
the Contractor, either during or at the end of the rectification period.
The list is produced by the Contract Administrator. Any new items added in at
this time, such as an extra shelf, will be charged by the Contractor. The list should
reflect rectifications, not new work. Needless to say, there are grey areas! The usual
grey areas are the natural cracks in plaster and timber, caused by expansion not
poor workmanship; scuff marks to paintwork, etc. In reality, the Owner and Builder
need to be pragmatic and agree what is reasonable rectification. Any new work
undertaken in this period that would have required payment during the works, like
the addition of a fan because it is too hot, or an additional light in the corner, will
require payment during the rectification period too.

The end of projects can sometimes be the most tricky, as the process is often long. It is therefore extremely beneficial if the rectification list is both realistic and achievable.

Most importantly, the whole team must have a positive relationship at this point,
with mutual respect. On projects where this is maintained throughout to the
end, this is a very positive and happy moment, and a great time to celebrate the
achievement of the Builders for their craftsmanship; the Designers on their details
and co-ordination; and the Owners for their inspiration and involvement. Everyone
is then more inclined to finish all the rectifications and do some little extras along
the way without a fuss, as they feel their work has been appreciated, and they are
keen to leave with a good impression.

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