Work Stage 7 – Rectification Period

Once the Owner has taken occupation, the works are in what is known as The
Rectification Period. During this period the Owner should report any rectifications
that come up, and occasionally the Contractor will need to visit to repair
something. Commonly teething problems will happen with the heating system as it
is turned on in winter.

It is tempting to write a long list of touch-up works for the Builder to do at the
end of the Rectification Period. This must be resisted, as it is not for the Builder to
re-paint walls that have scuff marks and etc., as these are not rectifications, they
are just wear and tear of living in the house. Therefore, the Builder will rectify /
repair anything that has fallen off, or is not working, and this will be done within a
reasonable period at the end of the Rectification Period.


Final Completion and Photographs!

As Vinnie Jones once said, “It’s been emotional”, but it will also have, hopefully, been
an interesting and rewarding experience, resulting a beautiful building to be proud of.
When all the rectifications are complete, at the end of the Rectification Period, we
carry out a final visit, then issue the Making Good Certificate, which states all the
rectifications have been undertaken.

The Builder then has to issue his final account. This will include any additional or
new works that were done or required during the Rectification Period.
The Quantity Surveyor will then review the Builder’s final account, or the Owner
will agree it directly with the Builder if there is no Quantity Surveyor.
The Quantity Surveyor will then issue their Final Certificate, and certify release of
the final 2.5% retention and the final payment for any extra work done.

The Final Certificate is issued

We then issue the Final Certificate, certifying this amount, and the Owner pays
the Builder.

At the end of the project we love to take professional photographs, for our
portfolio, of the finished building in all its glory. We then send owners a copy of
these, together with a selection of ‘before’ photographs of the building. This is a
really fantastic way to complete and celebrate the renovation and building works.
Then it is over to you to enjoy and use the building to which you have dedicated
so much time and passion!

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