Clapham House

This London town house isn’t listed but is within the conservation area.

This area of Clapham in Abbeville, was developed in 1890s for aspiring middle class families looking to escape inner London. Interestingly the train arrived in Clapham in 1863, but it was the horse drawn trams in Clapham during this period that made it popular as it facilitated an easy daily commute to the city.

The house is beautifully built with solid red brick construction under a slate roof. It has some beautiful window and door joinery incorporating curves.

Kay Pilsbury Thomas Architects were asked to create a sunny and attractive family Kitchen. We opened up the two rear rooms into one and replaced a UPVC single door with some new extra wide double timber and glazed doors, which echoed the unique joinery detailing found on the original bay windows.

We also replace a 20th window with a timber sash on the side to match the others.

This transformed the Kitchen/Dining space into an attractive room, flooded with light and opening it up completely onto the roof terrace, creating a family room that makes the most of the period features, light and outdoor space.

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