This cottage is grade II listed and dates from the 16-17th Century. It is a typical workers thatched cottage with twin rooms, a large central stack and a 20th reception room which had been added to the end. Our works involved renovating, insulating and renewing the services of the old cottage to make it more energy efficient. The owner was also keen to use local and traditional building materials and techniques.


We excavated the existing concrete floors and replaced them with Hydraulic lime, insulation, under-floor heating and local gault floor bricks from Bulmer. The external cement render was removed; the oak frame and clay lump repaired and sheep wool insulation was inserted where possible in the walls and first floors. The walls were then re-lathed with timber and lime hair plaster and finished in lime wash and the thatch repaired. A modern conservatory was demolished and replaced with a sustainable English oak framed extension with Welsh slate roof.

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