St Marks College Arts Studio

Kay Pilsbury Thomas Architects were asked to design and oversee the insertion of All-person Toilet, Kitchenette and flower sink, along with other works to the church.


The North Vestry floor was lowered to be level with the Nave, and a stone breather perimeter inserted. Under-floor heating was incorporated below the tiles. Using existing carved cupboard doors, a space was partitioned off, providing an all-person accessible toilet. A baby change shelf was formed in the window recess.


The robe cupboard was transformed into a Kitchenette, with sink, shelves and cupboards. New split carved doors were made, incorporating hand-carved crocus emblems, complimenting rose emblems on existing doors. Delft-style tiles, showing scenes of Radwinter, were hand made by Douglas Watson Studios, and surround the Kitchenette sink.


An Arts and Crafts cast-iron fireplace was repaired, and loose Delft tiles replaced.


A tap was added to a small existing stone sink, surrounded by Delft tiles. This is now used by flower arrangers.


Auravisions fixed windows, converting some to open. The glass was cleaned and re-leaded.


Photos by Michael Cameron

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