The Flitch of Bacon

The renowned Michelin starred Chef Daniel Clifford lives nearby to Little Dunmow and spotted the opportunity to save and revitalise The Flitch of Bacon.

It is now an exceptional restaurant for all the family.

This fascinating building was originally a Georgian House and then became a Brewhouse in the late 18th Century. In the 19th Century following various Alcohol Act’s, the building was extended with a cellar and rear wings and converted into a proper Victorian public house.

The Victorian building had social division with a private bar on the left, which was table service and a public bar on the right, which served cheaper ale from the bar.

Chef Daniel Clifford lives locally. Upon seeing his local closed down, he took the decision to purchase it.

Kay Pilsbury Thomas Architects worked closely with Daniel to carefully renovate and extend the listed building, adding a high-end professional Kitchen,  prep-kitchen, accessible WCs.

Outside there is a cool seating terrace and garden oven, with drinks served from a vintage VW van.

Upstairs there are three luxury overnight Bedrooms with a roll top bath and 4 poster bed.

The name of the pub “The Flitch of Bacon” is likely to have been given circa 1869 to the building. It was at this time that Dunmow revived the old custom that was started by the family of Robert Fitzwalter in Little Dunmow Priory in the C15th.

” The custom known as the flitch of bacon was—”that if any pair could, after a twelve month of matrimony, come forward, and make oath at Dunmow, that, during the whole time, they had never had a quarrel, never regretted their marriage, and, if again open to an engagement, would make exactly that they had made, they should be rewarded with a flitch of Bacon”

Not sure any of us would pass the “never had a quarrel” test after 12 months of marriage!


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